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The Basics of Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss isn't easy, nor does it happen quickly for most people. While the latest fad diets may promise quick and easy weight loss, such claims are largely unfounded. People who notice drastic, immediate changes on the scale as the result of going on a fad diet are usually experiencing fluid loss. If a fad diet does result in rapid weight loss, it is usually only temporary.

While people continue to search for the magic way to overnight weight loss, the fact remains that we gain weight when we take in more calories than we burn off, and we lose weight when we expend more calories than we consume. There are many different ways to effectively lose weight, but all of the healthy and lasting solutions for weight loss involve some combination of a healthy, reduced calorie diet paired with exercise.

Eating for Healthy Weight Loss

A healthy diet is a balanced diet. There is no one magic food that makes you fat, and you can't lose weight simply by avoiding some particular food or type of food. The human body needs a variety of nutrients in order to function properly, and the only way to get the nutrients that you need is to consume food from all of the major food groups on a regular basis. Your body needs fat, carbohydrates, fiber, and other nutrients. Moderation and variety are the keys to a healthy diet.

Don't Fall for Weight Loss Myths

No matter what you may have heard, your body can't function efficiently on nothing but cabbage soup. Carbohydrates are not the singular cause of obesity. Fat free foods still have calories, and can lead to weight gain if eaten in excess. If you read about a magic shake that tastes so good that you won't have to eat, remember that (a) you need to eat to live and (b) if you cut calories, with or without the magic shake, you are likely lose weight.

Exercise for Healthy Weight Loss

It is virtually impossible for most people to lose weight without exercising. When you cut calories, your metabolism slows to offset the decrease in nourishment. The key to kick starting your metabolism is to increase your activity. When you exercise, you burn off calories during the activity. You also increase lean muscle mass, which enables your metabolism to work better even when you are at rest. Many people who already have good eating habits can lose weight simply by increasing their activity levels. A combination of proper diet and regular exercise will always be the best way to experience healthy weight loss.

Don't Expect Immediate Results

Healthy weight loss doesn't happen overnight. Patience is a key to long-term dieting success. It's important for dieters to remind themselves that losing weight takes time and continued effort. The worst thing a dieter can do is to give up because the pounds aren't melting off at a rapid pace. The secret of healthy weight loss is to make eating and lifestyle changes that will contribute to lasting weight loss that results in better health and a more attractive appearance.

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