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It's hard to lose weight if you're hungry, and solving this problem is a key secret of Dr Siegals Cookie Diet. On this page you will find offers and sales for ordering weight loss cookies, soups and shakes online, as well as tons of information on this incredible weight loss program.

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Dr Siegals Cookie Diet

Dr. Siegal's Cookie DietBy the early 1970's, physician, author, and weight loss expert Dr Siegal had already spent over a decade treating overweight patients. From this experience, he concluded that hunger was the primary reason behind diet failures. He knew that an 800-calorie-a-day diet produced the fastest weight loss, and that it could be safe under the supervision of a physician, but how could a patient possibly stick to such a low-calorie diet in the face of the gnawing hunger?

Doctor Siegal was aware that some foods naturally suppress appetite, and others stimulate it: he had, in fact, been researching a book on the subject. Unfortunately, the foods best at suppressing hunger are also usually those highest in fat. So Dr Siegel decided to create something different: a food that could curb hunger but that was low in calories. And so his meal replacement cookies, shakes, and soups were born. These delicious, convenient foods combine a secret blend of amino acids and food proteins that work to control your appetite throughout the day. There have been many imitators since, but none possess Dr Seigal's original and uniquely successful hunger-suppressing formula.

In the revolutionary Cookie Diet, Dr. Siegel's patients were instructed to eat six cookies throughout the day and a small healthy dinner of lean meat and vegetables, for a total of 800 calories a day. The Cookie Diet was a resounding success; Dr Seigel's patients averaged a weight loss of fifteen pounds per month! Now Dr. Siegel has expanded his food creations to include not just hunger-suppressing cookies, but also appetite-curbing shakes and soups. These foods are available for purchase online at www.cookiedietonline.com to help you stick to your diet, and more than half a million people have lost weight on Doc Siegal's Cookie Diet.

A reduced-calorie diet is made possible by Doctor Siegal's specially engineered foods. 100% of the food products on CookieDietOnline.com are made directly in his own private bakery under his personal supervision. Surprisingly, Dr. Siegal, even today, still mixes every single batch of his proprietary blend with his own hands. Just visit CookieDietOnline.com to quickly and conveniently order these cookies and shakes online.

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