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Get Rid of the Post Baby Belly

The pregnancy is over and you're home with your new little bundle of joy...but your body is far from being in good shape. While it normally takes time to recover your pre-pregnancy body, having that flab hanging in front can be very depressing for any new mother. The good news is, you don't have to accept fate, there are ways to remove the baby fat relatively quickly!


What you eat after the baby is born is really just as important as what you ate during the pregnancy. Whether you are breastfeeding or not, eating healthily is vital if you want to get back to a flat stomach. But the demands of looking after a little one might mean that you find yourself stressing out and eating junk food or having a lot of instant meals, just because it's easier.

Making the right choices in food is far easier when you don't have any wrong ones! Instead of having a bag of chips on hand, just in case, make sure you stock your pantry with healthy food options, like sugar-free granola bars, whole grain pasta and cereals and other nutritious foods. Your fridge should also contain plenty of fresh fruit and veggies. This way, when you get hungry, there simply won't be a non-healthy option.


It's not a good idea to start jogging five miles just a day or two after giving birth, but most active mothers don't want to wait the six weeks recommended by many doctors before doing any exercising. Although you should always check with your doctor before starting a post partum workout, it is usually safe to do certain exercises soon after you get home from the hospital, provided you didn't have a C-section or a traumatic birth.

Walking is something that is often recommended for new moms, to help prevent blood clots. Taking your new baby out for a stroll around the block is also an excellent way to keep post partum depression at bay, since exercise is a great serotonin booster. Once you are healed and given the ok by your doctor, swimming is another good option.

One type of exercise to avoid is anything to do with the abdominal muscles. These muscles have just been stretched to their limit and tend to separate or even snap during pregnancy. If you begin doing crunches before the abdomen is healed, you risk seriously damaging those muscles. But don't worry, walking and doing squats and other exercises that don't involve the stomach directly will help reduce the amount of fat, which your body stored up during the pregnancy. Once you are able to work your stomach muscles, you'll have less belly to contend with.

You don't have to live with a belly just because you had a baby. With proper diet and exercise, you can get back to your pre-baby shape and regain your stomach. It isn't impossible.

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