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This page lists eDiets registration codes, coupons and other promotions to help you save on the varied weight loss programs available at eDiets.com. Since everybody is different, different diet plans will be much more effective for some people than others. With eDiets.com, there are over 22 different weight loss programs to choose from, so you can find the one that is best for you. If you have interest in popular diets, such as Atkins, Slim Fast, Mediterranean, Low Carb, Bob Greene or GI, they have programs to match. Likewise, perfectly crafted solutions are available for those with health issues or dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian, low sodium, high fiber, diabetes, low fat, wheat free, heart smart, hypoglycemia, lactose free or cholesterol lowering.

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eDiets.comEdiets.com provides visitors with a free analysis that helps them to determine which of over twenty-two diets is right for them. It's your one-stop location for finding the specific nutrition, exercise, and/or weight loss plan that suits your goals, needs, dietary restrictions, and lifestyle. Visit the website and fill out a few questions to receive your free profile and a recommendation for the perfect plan for you.

Ediets offers its own weight loss plan, its own fitness plan, and its own alternative to Jenny Craig. Additionally, e diets will connect you with other popular diet plans such as Fall's Best, Glycemic Impact, New Mediterranean, Atkins, and Bill Phillips Eating for Life. Other popular plans include the Slim-Fast Optima Diet, The Blood Type Diet, the Perricone Nutritional Face-Lift, and Trim Kids. Ediets.com also plugs you into the right healthy living plan for you. No matter what your special dietary restrictions, Ediets.com has a nutritional plan for you, including, wheat-free, low-fat, low-sodium, cholesterol lowering, high-fiber, hypoglycemia/low-sugar, healthy soy, and lactose-free plans. They also have plans for vegetarians, for people who are living with diabetes, and for those who require a Heart Smart Plan.

Ediet.com's Deliciously Yours meal delivery service provides great-tasting, fresh meals delivered right to your door step. Just choose your favorite chef-prepared meals, and they'll be delivered via Fed Ex to your home. Enjoy scrumptious foods such as roasted pork loin with barley pilaf and green beans and home-style meatloaf with mashed potatoes and corn. The freshness of your meals are 100% guaranteed: they are USDA inspected, prepared fresh, and shipped fresh. Enjoy a variety of satisfying, healthful dishes ranging from beef goulash and orange chipolte chicken to Tuscan chicken fettuccini, chicken vesuvio, and BBQ chicken breast. Feast on vitamin rich Asian vegetable stir fry, classic five layer lasagna, creamy ham and potato soup, and much more. Choose from over fifty fresh meals and desserts for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Ediet.com's award-winning weight loss plan is a good match for dieters who want a balanced and flexible meal plan that includes a diversity of foods as well as allowing for the convenience of fast food choices. The plan also accommodates those who want to exclude certain foods based on dislikes or allergies. Their fitness plan features workouts for your personalized level, a video virtual trainer, and online support from an expert fitness team. They also offers weight loss support: chat with a nutritionist, receive personalized advice from a physical trainer, and visit the support board 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Log onto www.ediets.com and begin your journey to "a whole new you."

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