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Use this free BMI calculator to calculate your Body Mass Index. With the BMI chart, you can see where your body mass index places you in terms of whether you are estimated to be overweight or underweight. Continue through to the BMI formula information, if you are curious how this calculation is computed.

We also provide more information on BMI, to aid in interpreting the results, what to do if yours is high and limitations of this calculation.

BMI Calculator

Standard BMI Calculator
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BMI Charts

The following BMI chart helps shows you the Body Mass Index categories. While the calculation is intended to estimate body fat, keep in mind that it is doing this using only the height and weight. Therefore, it alone does not tell you what shape you are in. For example, a body builder that is very heavy from large muscles can have a BMI of over 30, and thus be obese by definition, even though they may have very little body fat and be in excellent health and fitness. However, for typical people, the body mass index can be quite informative.

BMIWeight Category
18.5 - 24.9Normal Weight
25 - 29.9Overweight

The next BMI Chart makes it easy to look up your Body Mass Index without using the calulater. Simply find your weight and height on the chart, and you can quickly see what your Body Mass Index is and whether it is considered underweight, normal, overweight or obese.

BMI Chart

Both Standard English and Metric units are included on the same chart. For Standard English units, use the right side for your height and the top for your weight. For Metric units use the left side for your height and the bottom for your weight.

BMI Formula

The unit of measure of BMI is kg/m2. This is the formula used to calculate BMI:

BMI Formula

You can also calculate the BMI using standard (English) units by dividing the weight in pounds by the height in inches squared, and then multiplying this by a conversion factor of 703.

Learn More:

Body Mass Index - Learn how to interpret your results, the limitations of the calculation, and whether you should be concerned and take action based on your results.

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