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Alli Weight Loss Diet Pills Review

This Alli review is the personal review and experiences of an actual Alli user.

Dieting is a multi-million dollar industry. Every year, more and more American's move from healthy, to unhealthy on the weight scale. Insert the diet drug industry. Recently, though, there was a newer addition to the diet drug fad and this one had the FDA's seal of approval. Alli was one of the most talked about and anticipated diet drugs ever to hit the market. People lined up to buy Alli, including me. Does Alli work? Is it worth the money you will spend?

To begin, Alli is a lower-dose over the counter version of the prescription drug Xenical. Xenical has been used to treat morbidly obese patients for years now, and has shown some significant results for the positive. The Alli Starter Pack or Pill Refill pack can be found at every major retailer, drugstore and even online. You can expect to pay anywhere from $25.00 to more than $125.00, depending on the number of pills you buy.

The Alli plan offers true support right off the bat. With a special code printed in the reference materials, only in the Alli Starter Pack, the consumer can unlock journals, weigh ins, forums and many pages of diet tips and tricks at myalli.com. This was a positive aspect of the Alli program, for me. I need as much support as I can possibly get, and having all of this for free made me perk up a lot more about sticking with the Alli plan.

The pills, themselves, are 60 mg of Orlistat (each). Orlistat is the generic name for Xenical. Both Orlistat and Xenical have some pretty serious side (or treatment) effects. Alli works by binding fat in an indigestible bubble and passing it out through the body, as if it were never eaten. But, with too much fat, the now bound fat molecules can cause severe gastrointestinal distress and leakage from unspeakable, bowel related areas. Wet gas and bloating are also common side (or treatment) effects.

When I took Alli for the three weeks, I stuck it out. I never, once had a single side effect. No gas, no bloating, no leakage, nothing. But, I never ate fat. I was so scared of what might happen, that I avoided any and all fats all together. While the Alli did not hurt my body, I was hurting my body through fright.

With the Alli plan, yes, I did lose weight. I had no trouble continuing to exercise and even felt a lot better for the first two weeks. After two weeks, I began to lose energy and feel faint more often than not. After visiting my doctor, he advised me that I would have to add at least a little fat to my diet, so I stopped the Alli.

The only true side effect of the Alli weight loss plan for me was fear. Fear of all those fine print possibles that I didn't actually ever face. I would certainly try the Alli diet pills again, if I had two or three months to stay cooped up in my home and never go outside. Studies actually show that incidence of side effects decreases over time as you continue with the Alli weight loss program. Although these diet pills were not ideal for me, for the consumer that eats a healthy diet full of healthy fats, Alli can help you to lose significant extra weight by blocking absorption of fat you eat. Another big benefit of these dieting pills is that they come without the added risk of other fad diet drugs that never see the light of the FDA.

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