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When you join the South Beach Diet online program at SouthBeachDiet.com, you gain access to delicious cook book recipes, easy to use weight loss tools, and the support and motivation you need to succeed the SouthBeach way. Check out this page for South Beach Diet coupons and discount coupon codes to help you get started for less money.

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South Beach DietOver 500,000 people have selected the South Beach Diet Online as their solution to weight-loss and better health. When you register through the above listings, you often receive special deals such as seven days of the diet plan at absolutely no charge along with a free diet profile. The online plan furnishes dieters with customized meal plans, thousands of mouth-watering recipes, insightful diet tips, and access to a supportive weight-loss community.

On the South Beach Diet, you'll be encouraged to choose "good carbs," not just "low carbs." You'll be guided towards healthy whole grains and select fruits and vegetables. You'll learn how to eat the right fats, including olive oil, canola oil, and lean sources of protein. The South Beach Diet isn't just a fad diet. In the words of Dr. Agatston, "it's a way to eat for life." The SouthBeachDiet is a three phase plan. In the beginning, you'll spend two weeks eating normal-sized portions of lean meat, fish, eggs, low-fat cheese and yogurt, nuts, and vegetables. You'll avoid carbs in this phase, but, after the first two weeks, you'll move onto the second phase, where you'll learn to re-introduce "good carbs" to your diet. You'll stay in phase 2 until you reach your goal weight, and then you'll transition into the lifelong sustaining phase – phase 3. In this "maintenance phase," you'll continue to maintain a healthy weight for life by making good eating choices instinctively. At this point, the plan becomes not a diet, but a lifestyle. When following the program with SouthBeachDiet.com, you're encouraged to eat three full meals a day as well as two snacks, and you can even have dessert.

Becoming a member at www.southbeachdiet.com will grant you access to hundreds and hundreds of healthful and delicious recipes including succulent soups and savory chicken and fish dishes. It is like a giant online cook book. Find ways to make healthier pizza and more delicious vegetarian dishes. You'll even find especially designed South Beach Diet foods from Kraft and wraps from Santa Fe. These recipes will equip you to enjoy healthful, tasty, and satisfying meals. You'll even have access to a convenient shopping list generator that will enable you to cut down on your grocery shopping time. The "Eating Out" section of the website will help you find good food choices when you're on the go, from fast food chains to fancy French restaurants!

Your membership will open the door to dozen valuable weight loss tools, from a diet profile, weight tracker, journal, and calendar to food guides, registered dieticians, a daily newsletter, and answers from Dr. Agatston, the renowned cardiologist who invented the South Beach Diet. You'll be connected with a supportive community that will help you to reach and maintain your goal weight. The Beach Buddies Program matches you with a dieting partner, and the community message boards help you to talk about your struggles and find what works for others. The South Beach Diet Online believes in providing you with the motivation you need to achieve your health goals.

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