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How to Stop the Exercise Excuses

When it comes time to put on your gym shoes, does something always seem to interfere with your ability to complete your workout? With the busy lives most people lead, it's not surprising it's so easy to find reasons not to exercise. Between juggling a job and a family, exercise can be the first thing delegated to the back burner. This can be counterproductive since a fast paced exercise session can give you the energy you need to fit more activities into your busy day. Need some tips on how to overcome the endless cycle of fitness excuses? Here are some tips that can help you complete your daily workout without a barrage of excuses.

Exercise When You Wake Up

Set your alarm clock thirty minutes earlier and start exercising as soon as your get out of bed in the morning. Not only will this give you more energy for the day ahead, it'll reduce the chances that something will interfere with your workout session later in the day. Some of the most successful and consistent long term exercisers use this strategy. You'll also feel good about having done something healthy before you even begin your day.

Reward Yourself for Exercising

Give yourself a small reward when you successfully complete your daily workout. A low fat cappuccino or a soothing bubble bath will give you something to look forward to after you've completed your exercises and will help you to approach fitness with a more positive attitude.

Vary Your Routine

Doing the same fitness routine on a daily basis is a recipe for boredom. Vary your workouts on a daily basis to keep things fresh. There are so many alternatives for getting a good workout including exercises DVD's, classes at your local health club, and long, brisk walks through your neighborhood. If you walk or run, choose a different route every day for variety. You'll also get better results if you don't repeat the same old, routine every time you exercise.

Exercise With Someone

Find someone who shares similar fitness goals and make plans to exercise together. It's harder to make fitness excuses when you have an exercise partner scheduled to work out with you. A fitness partner can be a great motivator for the reluctant exerciser. If you can't find a partner that shares your goals, consider using the services of a personal trainer.

Motivate Yourself With Pictures

Take a photo of yourself before starting your exercise program then flip through some fitness magazines to find photos of what you'd like to look like. Post these on your refrigerator to remind yourself of your goals. Take a fresh photo every few weeks to document your progress. This will give you the motivation you need to keep exercising even when time becomes an issue.

Overcoming fitness excuses can be as simple as establishing a regular routine at the beginning of the day and using small rewards to motivate yourself. You'll also be inspired to continue when you see your body slowly being transformed by your daily routine. So why not get started on that exercise program today?

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