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The Skinny on Diet Products

Studies have shown that nearly one third of all Americans claim to be on one diet or another. Many of them are using diet products to aid their weight loss. The problem is, there are so many it can be difficult to discern truth from fiction and the good from the bad.

Name Brands

Looking for the best diet product with a name on the package that you recognize? How about Herbal Life weight loss product or Slim for Life pills? The Herbalife Total Control weight loss diet product is a blend of many herbs, including Green Tea Extract, Cocoa Extract and Yerba Mate, which are supposed to boost metabolism. (Previous Herbalife products included naturally-occurring ephedrine, but Total Control is ephedra free.) Slim for Life includes a high dose of Vitamin B (helps ease depression-induced overeating) and chromium picolinate, thought to reduce carb cravings.

Atkins products, diet low carb foods, are said to help curb cravings for pastas and simple carbohydrates by boosting protein intake. While this may be beneficial (most Americans take in twice the simple carbs and only three-quarters of the ADA recommended allowance of protein), the Atkins diet products can be more expensive than "regular" foods.

Natural Diet Products

Head to your favorite natural foods store and look for weight loss products. The shelves are just as full as the normal grocery store, only the variety has changed. Some contain many of the same nutrients found in Flintstone's children's vitamins, with a few additional ingredients. Sida Cordifolia weight loss products and Guarana, essentially natural ephedrine, are both very common. One of the dangers of ephedrine weight loss products, whether the ephedrine is synthesized or natural, is that it can cause heart palpitations and can create a life threatening situation for those with known heart issues.

Soy diet products are great, especially for women, as they can boost calcium intake (shown to lower grazing cravings) as well as add a bit of protein to your diet. Low-fat and even fat-free soy milk, ice cream and coffee creamer are great diet products if you are looking to make small changes in your diet.

The Best Weight Loss Products

Ask any doctor, and he or she will tell you that the number 1 best weight loss "product" is exercise. It's free, anyone can do it and the results are long-lasting. Unlike many other diet products, exercise has no negative side effects. Sometimes exercise alone isn't enough, though. Sometimes you need a lift to get you over a plateau or just help your efforts.

Doctors can prescribe weight loss products in the form of medications. While the diet and weight loss product your doctor prescribes may help increase your metabolism and suppress your appetite, the real work comes when you take proactive steps to better your diet and increase activity. This is the perfect trinity of all diet products - doctor supervision, fewer caloric intake and higher caloric output.

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