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MedifastMedifast is an easy, fast, and unique diet plan that helps you lose up to twenty pounds in a single month without counting calories, shopping for food, or cooking meals. Nutritional, balanced, and clinically proven foods are delivered to your doorstep, including soups, shakes, bars, puddings, and drinks. Weight Loss programs are available for men, women, and diabetics. All Medifast members receive online support as they strive to meet their weight loss goals. MyMedifast boasts a variety of online weight loss support tools, including a diet, exercise, and weight loss tracker. Search an archive of news and articles about nutrition or visit the message boards, chat rooms, and blogs. View progress snapshots and receive daily e-mails with useful weight loss tips. Medifast Coupons

NutrisystemNutrisystem, available online at nutrisystem.com, is renowned for its highly convenient weight loss program, which allows you to order prepackaged meals online or by phone for delivery straight to your door. Choose from over 120 scrumptious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts. The delicious, fresh, sealed foods need no refrigeration and can be taken anywhere. Just add a few grocery items and you are ready to go. Nutrisystem's menus are perfectly portioned and contain just the right balance of protein, fiber, and carbohydrates to help you lose weight. The diet program is low-fat but replete with good, low glycemic carbohydrates. Members receive both meals and services, including unlimited counseling. Gain access to numerous online tools, such as a weight loss and fitness diary, chat boards, newsletters, and classes. Nutrisystem has created a variety of plans to meet the needs of diverse individuals. Whether you are a man, woman, senior, vegetarian, or someone with Type II diabetes, Nutri system offers a specific plan suited to your dietary needs. Nutrisystem Coupons

Weight WatchersWeight Watchers Online, available at weightwatchers.com, grants you access to interactive resources that will guide you in detail through your chosen weight loss program. Plans are available to suit the needs of both men and women, and you can follow the WeightWatchers 360�, which combines their proven approach with the latest advancements in nutrition science. You'll have the opportunity to sample over 1,000 delicious meals and recipes, and you'll have access to a Restaurant Guide that will equip you to make smart choices when dining out. Daily tips and expert advice will keep you motivated, and you'll be able to connect 24 hours a day with an online community. Online users can enjoy a suite of mobile tools and follow their progress with the Weight Tracker and Progress Charts. Weight Watchers Coupons

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DietToGo.com - Convenience, nutrition and better tasting food are just a few of the things DietToGo boasts about on their website. Check out this weight loss program and their proven strategy that has worked for thousands of people. Their meals follow the dietary guidelines from the American Heart Association, American Dietetic Association and American Cancer Society, so nutritious food is assured. Diet To Go Coupons

Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet - Control your appetite with meal replacement cookies and shakes that help you stick to your program. Dr Siegel's cookies and shakes are specially engineered to curb your appetite using a secret recipe of amino acids. Imagine how much more you can lose if you're not hungry all the time and are able to stick with eating a lower number of calories each day. Dr. Siegal's Coupons

South Beach Diet Online - Gain access to more than 1000 delectable recipes, a custom meal planner, online weight-loss tools, food guides, motivation and support. Find out about "good carbs" versus "low carbs" and how this can make dieting and losing weight easier. South Beach Diet Coupons

Jillian Michaels - Let the fitness guru from The Biggest Loser TV show motivate you to get fit, tone your body, and live the life you want to live. With the Jillian Michaels online fitness program you'll have the tools needed to exercise, eat right, lose big and get fit. Use her no-nonsense advice to puch yourself to the level needed to succeed. Jillian Michaels Coupons

eDiets.com - With your choice of over 22 different diets to choose from, eDiets has something that is a perfect fit for just about anyone. Popular choices include Atkins, Low Carb, Bill Phillips Eating for Life, Mediterranean, Glycemic Impact, Fall's Best, Trim Kids and the Alternative to Jenny Craig. They also have vegetarian, cholesterol lowering, low sodium, low fat, high fiber, hypoglycemia, heart smart, diabetes, wheat free, lactose free and healthy soy plans. Their various options provide for healthy living, weight management, personal support, and food recipes. eDiets.com Coupons

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